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Working with travel bloggers is a creative way to promote a brand or destination and enjoy immediate results through social media and blog articles.


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Neil Thompson & Angharad Thompson Rees

The VisitingNSW Team has a simple mission with a big heart – to share the real New South Wales with both national and international travellers. How do we do that? By getting lost, discovering the new and uncovering the overlooked.

We love secrets spots, hidden treasures and local pleasures that aren’t always on the tourist maps… Because nobody wants to be a Tourist anymore – people long to be Travellers, Explorers and Adventurers. And we want to help them on their journey.

From helping locals become Weekend Warriors by sharing epic weekend escapes, we’re calling The Sydney Dash, to letting overseas visitors discover the best spots to experience on their East Coast road trip – we want the best of local, your local – so drop us a line and let’s collaborate!

The VisitingNSW team is actively seeking partnership. sponsorship and ambassadorship with tourism boards and travel companies to promote New South Wales destinations and brands.

We are also open to various advertising options that reflect our core values – targeted towards both national and international travellers who seek adventure and want to ‘Get Lost.’


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Postcard from Brou Lake | Sunrise Yoga

There’s no-one here, just us, camping in the trees that over looks Brou Lake… The gentle lapping glints and glitters under the early morning sun, twinkling between the trees. I take my yoga mat to the edge of the lake fringed with sand and ahead of me,...
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Campfire Recipes – Beef, Mushroom & Red Wine Casserole

ANGHARAD THOMPSON REES Campfire Recipes – Yummy! The campfire. Let’s be honest, it’s where all the action happens. It’s where the day’s adventures and discoveries are talked over with cold beer and warm hearts. Stories are shared and memories are made around...
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Camping Misadventures – The One with the Leeches

The One with the Leeches ANGHARAD THOMPSON REES A camping misadventure essay A flock of golden crested cockatoos took flight from the forest canopy, squawking in fear. A blood curdling scream continued below them, the type you hear in a spooky wood in a...
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North Bondi Fish & Seafood Sustainability

In a sensory explosion I can see, smell and taste the ocean at the same time. It’s an exquisite experience. Ahead of me, the iconic Bondi Beach stretches into the horizon, glittering and shimmering under the midday sun. The stunning view, I wrongly assumed, would...
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What’s On Sydney – The Rocks Friday Foodie Markets

ANGHARAD THOMPSON REES Street Food, Glorious Street Food! There are many reasons to visit The Rocks Friday Foodie Markets, and mouth-watering produce and culinary delights are only the start. Every Friday from 9 am until 3pm, the cobblestone lanes showcase...
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Why we Travel

ANGHARAD THOMPSON REES An Essay on Why we Travel “What’s the point in travelling?” A well-intentioned friend once asked. “You may as well not go, because when you get back, everything’s just the same as you left it.” But it’s not, is it? For those of us who...
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Sydney Harbour Private Cruise Hire

We felt like movie stars – sipping champagne as we cruised the glistening Sydney Harbour aboard our luxury lounge… Summer music vibes played from the stereo, water lapped the sides of the boat and we couldn’t believe we didn’t need a celebrity salary...
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Kiama Blowhole, South Coast

The winds howled and the storms raged; yet there was something magical about the weather’s wildness… Rather than stay in the warmth and safety of indoors, we decided to explore. After all, we had but only the weekend in Kiama, so we were not going to let...
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Discovering the North Coast – Hawks Nest

We arrived in the dead of night. Crickets called and frogs began their chorus. Several campfires flickered a warm glow and the air tasted of BBQ and weekend flavours… But first things first – pitching up a tent in the dark is a testament to any relationship. So...
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Postcards from Oberon

The sun was setting across the land, and the 200 acre farm turned from emerald to gold with the lazy autumn rays breaking through the trees… The lake rippled, reflecting the surrounds and mirroring its beauty. There was peace – no sounds other than...
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