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Wine Tasting at Bunnamagoo – Mudgee Region

Wine Tasting at Bunnamagoo – Mudgee Region

Mudgee – Aborigine for the Nest in the Hills – is a small town with a big heart. With its fertile farmlands and 2,400 hectares of vineyards, there’s no wonder this little town has such a big reputation.

Ask any foodie or wine buff – they’ll tell you that scrumptious local produce and award winning vineyards have become synonymous with the historical town. But I wasn’t going to take their word for it. Some things are best experienced first hand, so the VisitingNSW team hit the road. Destination – Mudgee.

Mudgee is just over a 3-hour drive from the bustling city of Sydney, but with lush rolling hills, quaint historic townships and quintessential country life apparent in every breath taking view of the area, you’ll feel a thousand miles away from city life. And the lifestyle is charming – a perfect blend of passion, tradition and innovation, which is just how Bunnamagoo Estate create their award winning wines.

Wine Tasting at Bunnamagoo 

The truth – I don’t really know much about wine, other than I like it very much, and I like it very often. So I felt a little intimidated arriving at the Paspaley family’s stunning vineyard, with its rustic driveway serpentining around the perfect rows of vines to reach a state of the art (and rather smart) cellar door. However, I soon found that just like the vineyard’s philosophy results in wines that exhibit friendliness and approachability, so too, do their staff.

 Enter Lovely Linda 

Lovely Linda (as the VisitingNSW team now refer to her) welcomed us with a smile as rich as the Estate’s velvety Merlot, openly sharing her pearls of wisdom regarding both the wines and local recommendations. And these weren’t the only pearls available at the award winning cellar door. Along with being experts in artisanal winemaking and boutique wine production, the Paspaley family is also Australia’s leading producer of South Sea Pearls. Personally, I can’t think of anything more elegant and sophisticated than sampling Bunnamagoo’s Sparkling Pinot Noir Chardonnay while perusing their deep sea offerings. After all, as Jackie Kennedy famously said, ‘Pearls are always appropriate.” And even with my limited wine knowledge, the world-renowned pearls on display certainly seemed appropriate while bubbles of apple and grapefruit aromas burst on the tongue.

Timing is Everything

What we really appreciated at Bunnamagoo’s cellar door (apart from the beautiful wine, of course) was the time Linda gave us. She didn’t rush through the tasting, forcing us to quaff back our samples and make a premature purchase. Instead, she patiently described the wine’s characteristics and flavours, allowing us to carefully enjoy and consider the whole experience. But this isn’t surprising. The very flavor of Bunnamagoo Wine ethos is patience. And unlike many mass factory produced wine, each decision made by wine maker Robert Black, from the timing of the harvest to the timing of release, is carefully considered. Which is probably why the vineyard has won so many awards.

All Good Things

Our wine tasting concluded with several purchases of award winning wine under our arms, a warm farewell from Linda, and our promise that we will, one day, return. And return we will, not only to Bunnamagoo Wine Estate, but also to the truly picturesque region of Mudgee. Because it’s more than just ‘the other wine region’ – it’s more than just the nest in the hills. It’s the pearl of New South Wales.

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Finding Bunnamagoo

Getting to Bunnamagoo

Address: 603 Henry Lawson Dr, Eurunderee NSW 2850

Phone:  02 6373 3046


Website: Bunnamagoo

Open: 10am – 4pm Daily

Bunnamagoo Cellar Door

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