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Postcards from Oberon

Postcards from Oberon

The sun was setting across the land, and the 200 acre farm turned from emerald to gold with the lazy autumn rays breaking through the trees…

The lake rippled, reflecting the surrounds and mirroring its beauty. There was peace – no sounds other than the prehistoric song from a flock of Nowra singing in the distant sky. With the city long behind us, and the night laying ahead of us, we had a farmhouse and the countryside to ourselves – if only for the weekend. And ourselves are a bunch of friends, expats all, enjoying what Oberon has to offer.

Before the night falls we build a fire, which warms more than our toes. We tell tales, drink beer, and recount our day mushroom foraging in the forests – which was less than successful, just like our fishing attempts in ‘our’ lake, but still, we cook the single mushroom we found, and laugh as we share it between all 8 of us…

Brae Lossie Farm Stay

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