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Postcard from Seven Mile Beach

Postcard from Seven Mile Beach

The ocean shimmers with wild colours reflected from the Australian sunrise…

Colours I have never before seen. They dance upon the clouds and along the damp shoreline where my toes test the winter waters. This is my first coastal morning in Seven Mile Beach, New South Wales, and no Instagram filter could recreate what my eyes see.
The beach is deserted – bar us and the kookaburras, who laugh at our awe from the trees surrounding the coastline. And as we walk along the coastline hand-in-hand, my travel weary eyes awakening with the fresh sea breeze, my lips salty, my soul refreshed.

I’m yet to see the beach in daylight, having turned up to the cabin in the late of night. But with each second the horizon lightens with crimsons and golds, gilding the long sands into the distance, I realise that Seven Mile Beach is special. And this is the joy of travelling. These special moments. The discovery, the exploration, the first time your feet walk a part of the world they have never walked before.
Finally, the sun rises and the Kookaburras stop laughing. I can’t help thinking, that they’re just as awed as we are.

Seven Mile Beach

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