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Postcard from Brou Lake | Sunrise Yoga

Postcard from Brou Lake | Sunrise Yoga

There’s no-one here, just us, camping in the trees that over looks Brou Lake…

The gentle lapping glints and glitters under the early morning sun, twinkling between the trees. I take my yoga mat to the edge of the lake fringed with sand and ahead of me, mountain ranges rise up, mythical mist swirling from the thick woodland that covers them. It’s peaceful here, and soft breeze plays through the leaves of the Eurobudalla National Park that wraps around me—I feel like I’m in the centre of its embrace and I begin my Sun Salutations – but I call it my Nature Salutations, because there’s too much beauty not to revere it in some way or another.


And as I finish my Ashtanga Sequence, I lay on the sand looking up at the cloudless blue sky and listen carefully to hear the ocean in the distance and decide to investigate. Walking down the corridor of sand, the trees and the campsite to my right, the lake and the mountains to my left, the path opens up to a magnificent and deserted beach. Long stretches of golden sand and an azure ocean span out to the horizon, as far as my eyes can see. Smiling, I pad back towards the campsite and make a coffee in the trees.

Life is good here.

Brou Lake

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