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Kiama Blowhole, South Coast

Kiama Blowhole, South Coast

The winds howled and the storms raged; yet there was something magical about the weather’s wildness…

Rather than stay in the warmth and safety of indoors, we decided to explore. After all, we had but only the weekend in Kiama, so we were not going to let a little rain damped our adventurous hearts. Sea fret and foam danced in the air, riding on the wind like a flurrying snowstorm. Below us, the ocean rumbled as it pounded the cliffs and crevasses known as the famous Kiama blowhole. And, BOOM! An explosion of water blasted up into the air like a rocket.

It roared in victory as it escaped into the sky and left all us onlookers on the ground below in utter awe.

Kiama Blowhole

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