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Discovering the North Coast – Hawks Nest

Discovering the North Coast – Hawks Nest

We arrived in the dead of night. Crickets called and frogs began their chorus. Several campfires flickered a warm glow and the air tasted of BBQ and weekend flavours…

But first things first – pitching up a tent in the dark is a testament to any relationship. So with just a few swear words, the occasional raised voice, several faces pulled behind backs (I can only speak for myself on that one – I never have been particularly grown up in my approach to being told off), and at least twenty “where did you put the…” type of accusations, we were pitched up and ready to start our weekend adventure. Where are we?

At Stewart and Lloyds campground in the Myall Lakes Region, near Hawks Nest.

With our campfire roaring, steak sizzling and ice cold beer ready for a-guzzling, the 2hour 40 min drive from Sydney disappeared from our minds completely. In pitch darkness, we had no idea what our camp area looked like – which added extra excitement for our awaiting morning ritual of coffee and a sunrise wander.

We would not be disappointed; in fact, we were awed.

Waking up to the sounds of Kookaburras laughing is always a delight, so too is the smell of fresh coffee brewing on the camp stove. But our biggest delight was discovering where we were. The campground is nestled within nature and tall trees in a National Park on the edge of immense sand dune and the awaiting ocean! Oh Hail the view! They say a picture tells a thousand words, so we’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Sunrise at Stewart and Lloyds

A perfect place for a Yoga practice…

Feel like an explorer on untouched lands…

And enjoy life as the sun sets on another beautiful day in paradise…

As you can see, the campground and surrounds are utterly beatific! But there’s more to Hawks Nest than stunning sand dunes. We’ll be creating another visual feast of the area soon, so don’t forget to Sign Up to keep updated with more real life NSW travels to inspire your next adventure!

Now it’s your turn! DO you have an epic camping experience in New South Wales that you would like to share with us? Click here  to find out more on how you can become a travel writer for the VNSW Team…

Getting yourself to Steward and Lloyds Campground

Type of Camping: Tent, Camper trailer site, Camping beside my vehicle

Camp spots: 15

Facilities: Toliet (long drop) and BBQ facilities (take your own wood)

Note: No water – so be well prepared with your supplies!

Camp Fees – $8 – $11 per adult per night

Stewart and Lloyds Camp Ground

Angharad Thompson Rees

Angharad Thompson Rees


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