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Depot Beach, Murramarang National Park, NSW

Depot Beach, Murramarang National Park, NSW

The lazy sunrise at Depot Beach inspired musings and stories, I couldn’t help myself. I sat on my yoga mat, and wrote…

“The Dawn slept soundly, unaware her presence was being observed. The Skies, still cloaked in midnight blue, accepted the Alchemist’s exchange for rest and slowly, the Stars shut their weary eyes and appeared to disappear.

Meanwhile, the Ocean began to stir, lapping the shore gently to awaken the Land.
“She’s coming!” The Ocean whispered as a glowing warmth gilded the horizon.
The Moon bid farewell, knowing her time to shine would come once again, and allowed the Sun to creep into the sky.
The Sun warmed the morning breeze, which in turn, rustled the leaves on the trees from slumber and birds into chorus.
Dawn had arrived yet most people slept right through the magical moment, except one girl, who observed it all, whilst sitting on her yoga mat, breathing in life and holding the sun in her hands.”


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