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Author: Angharad Thompson Rees

Postcard from Brou Lake | Sunrise Yoga

There’s no-one here, just us, camping in the trees that over looks Brou Lake… The gentle lapping glints and glitters under the early morning sun, twinkling between the trees. I take my yoga mat to the edge of the lake fringed with sand and ahead of me, mountain ranges rise up, mythical mist swirling from the thick woodland that covers them. It’s peaceful here, and soft breeze plays through the leaves of the Eurobudalla National Park that wraps around me—I feel like I’m in the centre of its embrace and I begin my Sun Salutations – but I call...

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Campfire Recipes – Beef, Mushroom & Red Wine Casserole

ANGHARAD THOMPSON REES Campfire Recipes – Yummy! The campfire. Let’s be honest, it’s where all the action happens. It’s where the day’s adventures and discoveries are talked over with cold beer and warm hearts. Stories are shared and memories are made around the crackling flames, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get more than a sausage sizzle to sate your appetite. How about a beef, mushroom and red wine casserole to enjoy with your sunset? Yes please, thank you vey much! We’ve always loved to push the boat out when it comes to camp fire dinners, and having just discovered...

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Camping Misadventures – The One with the Leeches

The One with the Leeches ANGHARAD THOMPSON REES A camping misadventure essay A flock of golden crested cockatoos took flight from the forest canopy, squawking in fear. A blood curdling scream continued below them, the type you hear in a spooky wood in a Hollywood movie. It’s the sound that scratches the insides of your bones if you are unlucky enough to hear it. And scratch my bones it did, for this was no Hollywood movie and the scream belonged to me. Now, I’ve kept this story quiet for some time for a couple of reasons… One, I would...

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North Bondi Fish & Seafood Sustainability

In a sensory explosion I can see, smell and taste the ocean at the same time. It’s an exquisite experience. Ahead of me, the iconic Bondi Beach stretches into the horizon, glittering and shimmering under the midday sun. The stunning view, I wrongly assumed, would be impossible to beat at the beach-fronted restaurant. But that was before award winning oysters burst on my tongue with waves of lemon and an undercurrent of sea fret. North Bondi Fish restaurant, situated a stone throw away from the golden sands of the beach, is a real catch and it’s got me hook,...

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What’s On Sydney – The Rocks Friday Foodie Markets

ANGHARAD THOMPSON REES Street Food, Glorious Street Food! There are many reasons to visit The Rocks Friday Foodie Markets, and mouth-watering produce and culinary delights are only the start. Every Friday from 9 am until 3pm, the cobblestone lanes showcase Sydney’s best of local produce. So why wait for Saturday to kick back, relax and treat your taste buds to the diversity of artisan street-food, when you can get an early taste for the weekend with a Friday-feeling twist? We have five reasons to get your booty down to The Rocks Foodie Friday Markets… “People who love to eat...

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