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About VisitingNSW

“VisitingNSW started by accident – unplanned – like all good things in life”

The VisitingNSW Team has a simple mission with a big heart – to share the real New South Wales with you. How do we do that? By getting lost, discovering the new and uncovering the overlooked.

We love secrets spots, hidden treasures and local pleasures that aren’t always on the tourist maps… Because nobody wants to be a Tourist anymore, right?! We all long to be Travellers, Explorers and Adventurers.

So VisitingNSW isn’t so much about tourism – it’s about truism, that is why the True NSW Experience is Awesome!


You won’t find us in any fancy hotels – that’s not how we roll! But camping, cabins, quirky home rentals, that’s where we’re at. We love getting into nature and exploring Australia’s wilderness.


We might not be great surfers, but that doesn’t stop us having a bloody good go! We’re always on the lookout for those perfect surf breaks and surf camps along the NSW coast. Sweet!

Food & Drinks

We can’t deny it, we love a drink or two with a great nosh up. From sampling boutique vineyards to craft beers around the campfire. Quirky back alley restaurants & small bars? We’re there!


One of the most exciting parts of VisitingNSW is the discovery, exploration and adventure! So many places to visit, so many experiences to be had.  And yer, we’re pretty much up for anything!

Angharad Thompson Rees

Founder & Editor-at-Large

Angharad is a chronic sufferer of Wanderlust – with the world’s worst sense of direction. Responsible for most wrong turns ever accomplished in a single trip. She’s no longer allowed to hold the map – and as a result, is now 100% proficient at the phrase, “I think you’re going the wrong way.” An experienced freelance writer contributing to several lifestyle, surf and travel magazines, and an aspiring children’s author.


Neil Thompson

Itinerary Expert

Neil Thompson is an adventure seeker with with an insatiable appetite for travel and campfire fodder. He became the VisitingNSW Itinerary Expert quite by accident as a result of his ‘What’s down there?’ curiosity, which has led to many unplanned misadventures and awesome discoveries. Neil is VisitingNSW’s primary photographer and is currently working on creating an online store for VisitingNSW prints.