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Month: September 2016

North Bondi Fish & Seafood Sustainability

In a sensory explosion I can see, smell and taste the ocean at the same time. It’s an exquisite experience. Ahead of me, the iconic Bondi Beach stretches into the horizon, glittering and shimmering under the midday sun. The stunning view, I wrongly assumed, would be impossible to beat at the beach-fronted restaurant. But that was before award winning oysters burst on my tongue with waves of lemon and an undercurrent of sea fret. North Bondi Fish restaurant, situated a stone throw away from the golden sands of the beach, is a real catch and it’s got me hook,...

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What’s On Sydney – The Rocks Friday Foodie Markets

ANGHARAD THOMPSON REES Street Food, Glorious Street Food! There are many reasons to visit The Rocks Friday Foodie Markets, and mouth-watering produce and culinary delights are only the start. Every Friday from 9 am until 3pm, the cobblestone lanes showcase Sydney’s best of local produce. So why wait for Saturday to kick back, relax and treat your taste buds to the diversity of artisan street-food, when you can get an early taste for the weekend with a Friday-feeling twist? We have five reasons to get your booty down to The Rocks Foodie Friday Markets… “People who love to eat...

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Why we Travel

ANGHARAD THOMPSON REES An Essay on Why we Travel “What’s the point in travelling?” A well-intentioned friend once asked. “You may as well not go, because when you get back, everything’s just the same as you left it.” But it’s not, is it? For those of us who travel – we know – nothing is ever the same again. I almost envy the people who seem content with their regular lives. They feel no itch upon their feet to explore. They feel no desire to pull themselves into unknown adventures and chaos. They feel no need to leave behind all...

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