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Month: July 2016

Discovering the North Coast – Hawks Nest

We arrived in the dead of night. Crickets called and frogs began their chorus. Several campfires flickered a warm glow and the air tasted of BBQ and weekend flavours… But first things first – pitching up a tent in the dark is a testament to any relationship. So with just a few swear words, the occasional raised voice, several faces pulled behind backs (I can only speak for myself on that one – I never have been particularly grown up in my approach to being told off), and at least twenty “where did you put the…” type of accusations,...

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Postcards from Oberon

The sun was setting across the land, and the 200 acre farm turned from emerald to gold with the lazy autumn rays breaking through the trees… The lake rippled, reflecting the surrounds and mirroring its beauty. There was peace – no sounds other than the prehistoric song from a flock of Nowra singing in the distant sky. With the city long behind us, and the night laying ahead of us, we had a farmhouse and the countryside to ourselves – if only for the weekend. And ourselves are a bunch of friends, expats all, enjoying what Oberon has to...

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Swimming with Wild Dolphins on the South Coast

I feel like Alice in Wonderland, but instead of the white rabbit guiding us down a rabbit hole, it’s a wallaby. We are, after all, somewhere in Australia… I say somewhere because we threw away our maps and plans days ago, and the only hint of our location is a small sign reading, ‘Gillard’s Beach.’ But this beach may as well be our own beach – there’s nobody here. In both directions the sand stretches mile after golden mile within the coastal wilderness. Clear water wipes away any trace of our footsteps as we stroll barefooted along the shore...

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