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Month: May 2016

The Real Surfer’s Paradise – Crescent Head

The morning stirs with exotic birdsong in the surrounding National Park. A gentle offshore breeze rustles through the trees. And a faint chorus of peeling waves beckon you from your slumber… It’s dawn. The sun is yet to peep over the horizon, yet the deserted beach is already golden. Sand stretches further than the eye can see, fringed with green leafy wilderness. In the distance, several headlands shine under the sun now rising. For this is not the only point break, and each headland is a reminder of how many more right hand peeling waves await. Toes in the...

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Horse Riding in the Hunter Valley

Between the ears of my horse, kangaroos bound across the lush open plain. It’s the perfect vantage point to take in the immensity of the surrounding landscape… Exotic birdsong drifts across the morning breeze. Calves, just days old, stir from slumber along the riverside. Kingfishers dart. My horse snorts, and our ride through country New South Wales continues. With nothing but epic green valleys and mountainous forests, it’s hard to believe Howes Valley is only a 2.5-hour drive northwest from the bustling city of Sydney. And although there are many ways to leave the city behind and immerse yourself...

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Barnett’s Bakery, Crescent Head

Barnett’s Bakery, Crescent Head, NSW Crescent Head on the mid north coast of New South Wales is best known for iconic, world class point breaks, attracting surfers from around the globe. However the quality of the surf and beautiful beaches are more than equally matched by the delicious creations produced by Barnett’s Bakery on Main Street. The daily pilgrimage of locals and holidaymakers alike is testament to this treasure trove of sweet and savoury delights. Their extensive range of delicious meat pies is a Crescent Head institution. For that authentic “Aussie As” experience, take a pie and coffee down...

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The Hotdog Man – Manly

At first, it’s the Hollywood-style lights on the sign outside that stops me in my tracks. Once standing there, gawping at the stylish and dapper décor, the enticing aromas of sizzling spicy chorizo beckon me inside to check out more offerings. The menu is surprising – these are no ordinary hotdogs… The Hot Dog Man, located just a stones throw away from the iconic Manly Wharf, is a specialist gourmet sausage and fast food outlet, that will change your opinion about the humble hotdog forever. With gourmet sausages nestled inside a secret recipe soft bread roll, prepare for a...

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Bare Grills Cafe in La Parouse

It’s a clever play on words – Bare Grills, and the fact that it looks over the beautiful Bare Island in south-eastern suburb, La Perouse, is only one of them. I took a trip to the seaside village, La Perouse, to see if all the burger inspired hype about Bare Grills was worth the journey… Personally, I can’t think of the Café’s name without ideas of adventure, excitement and survival from the namesake TV presenter coming to mind. And those three words are exactly how I would sum up the experience at Bare Grills Burger Bar. The menu is exciting...

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